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About Corvette Arizona

40+ years! That is a long time, yet it seems like only yesterday. We started in the Corvette business in September of 1969, with the purchase of our first Corvette, a 1965 Coupe.

After having Corvette shops in three different states and two different countries, owning 223 Corvettes (no, not all at once!), and selling another 120-130 Corvettes for other companies and individuals, and, looking at the changing economy, a decision had to be made.

Two choices:

1 - Do something 'noble', like lobby congress to make Signal Lights (and the ability and training required to use them) 'standard equipment' on Import cars and trucks.


2 - Turn your 'passion' and hobby into one of the best Corvette Shops in the Southwestern United States.

Simple concept really; set up 'Stocking Dealer' accounts with the top seven Corvette Retail Parts and Accessories dealers in the USA. Buy at the best discounts available by making a significant investment in inventory. Ditto with the major WD's that supply 'Catalog' stores like JEGS High Performance and Summit Racing Equipment.

Net result: Pass the pricing/savings on to our customers. No 'add-on's, no freight charges, free 'Drop Shipping', no muss, no fuss. Little or no advertising and Customer Service founded on our years of Product Knowledge and experience.

Now flash forward, its 2017, times continue to change at an accelerating pace and so must we evolve as governments and technology change. We now exploit laptops and smart phones, enhanced websites, and eCommerce since information is only a mouse-click away and everything you could possibly need or imagine has become available on 'The Net'.

After 7 years from the opening of our store, including three moves, and a significant increase in our commercial sales, we are looking toward a bright future. Sales are exceptional, growing 25% or more each year and now, with our new eCommerce Online Store, 2017 is on track to be another great year.

Every day is a learning experience in the Corvette business. No matter how many Corvettes you have owned, how much knowledge you have gained over the years and how much you 'think' you know, there seems to be something new every day. One thing we are confident of…when it comes to product knowledge, sourcing inventory, application or customer service, the management of Corvette Arizona is 'Outstanding in the Field'!!

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Our management out standing in the field!